A tiny holiday post

EmilyBooks is in France for a few days, hence the lack of a post on Monday.

Yet I thought I’d interrupt the silence to show you the lovely little library that sits by the path here, down to the river.

A little French library

Isn’t it heavenly?

A little French library 2

Could you imagine if we Anglais adorned our paths with a bench with a view and a selection of books to peruse? Fine literary inspiration indeed…

And look what was waiting for me further down the path:

A bicycle with flowers

Books, flowers and bicycles – three of my favourite things.

Emilybooks will be back as usual on Monday.


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4 Responses to “A tiny holiday post”

  1. Dorothy~Jane McLachlan~Wortley Says:

    So grateful that you took the time to share this – its so beautiful – hope you are enjoying it and did sit down to read? Much appreciated glimpse of tranquility on my own first day back at work.Safe travels home.

    • emilybooks Says:

      Thanks Dorothy-Jane, and it’s a pleasure to share it with you. I have indeed been doing a great deal of sitting down and reading, under sunny French skies. Good luck on your first day back.

  2. classicsjournal Says:

    Those are charming pictures Emily! We have two of the Little Free Libraries in my neighborhood. They’re such a nice idea.

  3. kathrynruthd Says:

    This is one of those things that, should I happen upon, would leave a smile on my face for the whole day! Heavenly indeed.

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