Three things

Last week was an exciting one, because THREE pieces of my work were published in various places.


Here is my piece about book thieves in the Spectator. Bookshops might seem like sanctuaries, but they are in fact full of thieves pocketing everything from Mr Men to Ottolenghi… And you can also hear me talking about it on the Spectator’s podcast here. I come in at 18.50, just after all the men have finished talking about the much more minor issues of Donald Trump and the EU.

Cockfosters TLS review

Then here is my review of Helen Simpson’s absolutely amazing collection of short stories Cockfosters, published in The Times Literary Supplement. Apologies for the pay-wall avoiding low-quality photo.

The Fishermen by Obioma

Last, but by no means least, I am thrilled to be writing for this lovely website Five Books. They have the ingenious idea of asking people to recommend Five Books on a certain subject, relevant to their own work. I talked to the very charming and intelligent Chigozie Obioma – whose debut novel The Fishermen was shortlisted for the Booker Prize – about boyhood and growing up. You can read it here.

I’d love to know what you think of them!

Now I am on a train on my way to Scotland to walk through the beautiful highlands while talking about Elizabeth Taylor’s novel Angel for an Emily’s Walking Book Club special at writers’ retreat Moniack Mhor. Heaven. Happy March everyone. More soon.

Moniack Mhor


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9 Responses to “Three things”

  1. Emily @The Geek Undergraduate Says:

    Congratulations on getting your work published. It is always such a thrill to see your own work in print 🙂

  2. Cosy Books Says:

    Congratulations, Emily! Such a proud moment, and I’m so excited about the Five Books website. Naturally I clicked on the ‘London’ section first…I’ll be sharing this with my colleagues at the library; it’s a terrific resource.
    All the best on your walk in Scotland, but I must say I wanted to give Angel a slap more than once.

  3. Alice Says:

    Always wonderful to see your print Emily 🙂

    The Fishermen is an amazing book, definitely one of the best I read last year.

  4. Srishti Dutta Chowdhury Says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

    I am very interested on your views on book thieves. Books are intriguing things to steal and I can’t quite place book thieves who do not steal by compulsion so much as for the love of books.

    I, myself, never managed to successfully steal any book in my life but I have to admit to giving into fantasies of stealing my favourites.
    In fact, once, I tried to keep a library book (it was an old, tattered copy of Jane Eyre, too; ah, such sweet irony!) beyond it’s time till people forgot about it (I was all of eight or nine years, then). I couldn’t bear it. I handed it back, not without a large amount of fine, too, before the summer holidays commenced.
    C;est ma vie! 🙂

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